Privacy Policy


Dear Customer,

on the 25/05/2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation, which strongly tightens regulations for the protection of personal data, came into force.

Our customers' personal data
Customers' personal data in our possession is used exclusively for internal purposes and for the maintenance of our commercial relationships. Data in the form of contact names, email addresses, telephone numbers or other contact information is considered personal data. Our business interests do not rank above your rights and freedoms. If you want to exercise your right to have all of your personal contact details deleted, please contact or, by post, DELU AKO MINKY GmbH, Hauptstr. 103, 53619 Rheinbreitbach, Germany, with the reference "Data protection policy".

The new General Data Protection Regulation is a measure to protect personal data which is kept by companies, and ensures an appropriate level of protection is guaranteed for the storage of personal data.

Personal data will not be passed on to third parties or saved outside the Federal Republic of Germany or your home country. However, for the purposes of maintaining a commercial relationship, data may be passed on to other employees within DELU AKO MINKY GmbH.

If you are of the opinion that we are using your personal data incorrectly, please contact us directly and we will attempt to rectify this.

Employees' personal data
We expect that you hold the personal names and contact details of DELU AKO MINKY GmbH employees exclusively within the framework of our commercial relationship. In this case, we consider you to be responsible for the data passed

on to you and that the data was given to you by a third party or alternative contact person from DELU AKO MINKY GmbH. We expect that you will comply with the determinations of the General Data Protection Regulation and we retain the right to demand details regarding your guidelines for the storing of our employees' data, the security level under which it is saved, or other information regarding your compliance activities.

We insist absolutely that no data belonging to DELU AKO MINKY GmbH employees be passed on to third parties, or saved or automatically processed in countries outside of the EU. If a DELU AKO MINKY GmbH employee exercises their rights according to the GDPR, we expect that you will react accordingly, particularly in relation to the rights regarding access, deletion and correction. We will make every effort to ensure that you have access to all current information and are informed about employees who leave the organisation and whose details are no longer required for the maintenance of the commercial relationship. We reserve the right to submit complaints to the Information Commissioner and/or to end our commercial relationship if DELU AKO MINKY GmbH employees are not protected.

Hauptstraße 103
53619 Rheinbreitbach, Germany

H. Reuschenbach
Managing Director