A clean business – for over 80 years

delu, ako and Silbo are care and cleaning product brands with a long tradition. Since 1938, Silbo has been dedicated to the task of making precious metals such as gold or silver look agelessly beautiful. ako, in particular our ako pads, have long been a byword for powerful cleaning in the kitchen and the home. delu specialises in gentle cleaning and care.

We use our experience to develop perfect new products and to optimise currently available products. In this way, we are able to satisfy ever-changing cleaning and care requirements.

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Three plus one

Since 2000, the brands delu, ako and Silbo have belonged to Minky Homecare. Minky Homecare is a specialist in household items and, for example, the leading manufacturer of ironing boards in England. Minky products are perfectly complemented by our cleaning and care products.

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Think global – act local

Our products are popular throughout Europe and are adapted for the cleaning habits of each individual country. But we also feel very connected to our homeland, and we are proud to use manpower from the Rhine area to resolve many of our daily challenges.

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Show responsibility

Needless to say, our products are user-friendly and the majority are already ISO certified. Sustainability and ecological awareness are fundamental components of the way we think and operate. In the same way, we consider ourselves responsible for our employees. Good work can only be performed and good products can only be created in fair and open cooperation.